Weather Information


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Current Weather

The current weather, updated every minute, is available via an Automatic Weather Information Broadcast (AWIB) service on frequency 129.0 MHz for aircraft arriving and departing Whanganui.

General Weather Information

Situated within the South Taranaki Bight, the city of Whanganui is protected from wind and extreme weather conditions and enjoys a pleasant, temperate climate throughout the year.

The Airport is located on the flat coastal strip, some 4 km as the crow flys from the city centre, with the land 15 km north rising to 300m (1000ft).  The wind and weather experienced at the airport are affected by the westerly wind index, the Tasman sea and the rising geological features of the Central North Island.


Operations at the airfield are seldom seriously affected by precipitation on its own, however, associated low cloud can on rare occasions cause disruption for VFR operations. 

Wind Speed and Direction

The prevailing wind is north-westerly preceeding the passage of the normal frontal activity, backing to south south-west upon the passage of the front, however, the availability of alternative grass runways ensures cross-winds do not normally pose difficulties for light aircraft.

Cloud Cover

Overall, Whanganui enjoys relatively few days with low cloud cover with a base below 1500ft recorded on average some 12 times each year.