Pilot Training


Since the 1930s Whanganui airport has developed a significant record of flying training having been home to the Whanganui Commercial Pilot School from 1953 through until the late 1980's and in the 1960's a  commercial topdressing school operated by Dalcom Aviation Training.

As New Zealand's first full time commercial training courses for professional civil pilot licences it was no accident Whanganui was chosen as the base for them.  The flying days available, abundance of uncluttered training areas to meet the full range of training challenges and requirements as well as the supporting infrastructure offered by the city and community were all essential and defining attributes.

They remain as valid now as in days past.

In fact, as aviation has developed within New Zealand, and airspace in particular become more conjested, the unique opportunities for both fixed and rotary wing flying training at Whanganui airport are even more pronounced.  The main sealed and four grass runways also ensures the continuance of operations in all but the most extreme weather conditions.   

For more detailed weather information on Whanganui Airport click here for our weather page.

There is ample space for development upon the airfield and no controlling restrictions upon operations.  Additionally, there are numerous other airfields, ranging from private to international, within 90nm to offer extended VFR and IFR training opportunities.

The Whanganui District Council warmly welcomes and encourages any enquiries from parties interested in establishing a flying training enterprise at Whanganui Airport.

Please contact the Airport Manager.